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Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass

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This pass is great because...

  • It’s a great best way to discover Taiwan and it’s valid on Taroko Express, Tze-Chiang Express and Chu-Kuang Express trains.
  • You can enjoy unlimited train travel within validity of this pass and the freedom to hop-on/hop-off.
  • It can save you from queuing for separate point to point tickets.

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  • 1. Description

    What is Taiwan Pass?

    Offered by the Taiwan railways, as a discounted pass to be used when visiting Taiwan, and doing a lot of travelling in a short period of time (also on business) - a rail pass will save money and be more convenient than separate point to point tickets bought locally.

    As Taiwan is relatively small island (approximately size of Belgium), with extensive public transport; If this is your first visit to Taiwan, and just for a week, then a pass is recommended. However it is useful to note that if staying in Taipei and doing just a single trip to south, the High Speed Rail (THSR) offer discounts on the full ticket price, when booked in advance.

    High Speed Rail, 3-Day & Flexible 2-Day Passes

    The THSR is running high-speed services (‘bullet train’ style), known in Chinese as 'Gao Tie', along the populated West Coast, from Taipei to Kaohsiung. The 3-day & the 2-day flexible passes cover these trains only. It's the most efficient and luxurious way to travel, however the customer should be aware that many High Speed stations are outside the actual city centre.The THSR trains are basically Japanese Shinkansens.  French engineers built the tracks, which had to be specially designed for Taiwan's exceptionally mountainous terrain. With top speeds of about 300km/hr, they make the trip from Taipei to Kaohsiung in 96 minutes.

    Good to know: Shuttle buses run between new high speed station out of town to old train station/s inside city centre.

    Tze Chiang (express) trains are the fastest and most comfortable of the ‘conventional trains’, so when going between major stations, these are the best bet. Seats can be pre-reserved, but is not compulsory.

    The next fastest of the ‘conventional trains’ is the Chu Kuang, which is similar to the Tze Chiang but slightly slower and with stops at more stations. Seat reservation is recommended to avoid the chance of standing all of your journey!

    Finally there are the local trains, that stop at every station. They range in quality from very old to sparkling new, and while there is no allocated seating and only one row of seats along each side of the train, they are generally quiet except for the few stops before or after a major city. So if not in a hurry a local train can be a peaceful and relaxing way to travel between cities.

    Conventional trains & Joint Pass

    Older style trains operate around almost the whole of Taiwan island, opening up the beautiful East Coast. The Joint Pass allow two days on the THSR (High Speed services) plus three more days on conventional trains - all within a five consecutive days period, to visit the Taiwan East Coast.

    Comparison of Trains in Taiwan

    High Speed Rail (HSR)

    Taroko Express

    Tze-Chiang Express

    Chu-Kuang Express





    Where they Operate

    West Coast (Taipei – Kaohsiung line)

    Taipei-Hualien. Limited stops.

    Country wide. Stops at most common stations.

    Country wide. Stop at all stations.


    Fastest transport in Taiwan.

    Fastest (non-HSR) train.

    Fastest regular train.



    Airplane style. Max 2 hours trips. Business class available.

    Very comfortable.

    Comfortable only with reserved seats.

    Basic and variable

    Non-reserved / standing tickets?

    Non-reserved seats available

    All seats to be reserved in advance.

    Non-reserved “standing tickets” sold but very uncomfortable. Suggested reservation in advance.

    No reservation is possible


    We will issue the voucher, and send it to the customer via email.

    The voucher is essential to the Customer in order to obtain the Taiwan Pass (Important: Issued details can not be modified).

    Note – Vouchers will show a ‘Redeem Code’ which is essential for the Customer to collect the Taiwan Pass.

    The voucher will need to be exchanged for the actual pass in Taiwan; vouchers can be exchanged at any stations (i.e. Taipei).

    The customer will need his/her original passport (no photocopy) and the emailed voucher to get the actual pass. At the same time the Customer can request specific train reservations, which will be reserved free of charge and are subject to availability.

    Passes range, and validities

    ·  Flexible 2 Days, within one week validity 

    ·  Consecutive 3 Days 

    ·  Consecutive 5 Days, Joint Pass, Standard 

    ·  Consecutive 5 Days, Joint Pass, Express 

    A Child discount is 50% the Adult rate; child age is between 6 and 11 years old (included).


    A Customer helpdesk by Taiwan Railway once in the country, using the phone numbers shown at the bottom of the Voucher:

    Customer Service – Hotline Main Contact: +886 4 066 3000

    Refunds & other rules

    The Cancellation Policy applied by the railways is as follows:

    -  Within 7 days from purchasing date: no cancellation fee.

    -  From 8 to 14 days from purchasing date: 15% cancellation fee.

    -  Over 15 days from purchasing date: 100% cancellation fee.

    Please note that administration fees will be added by issuing as well as supplying agent.

    Please be aware that only unused/un-exchanged vouchers can be refunded, the actual Pass once issued in Taiwan is a non-refundable document.

    A Customer will have 90 days to exchange the voucher for a Pass, from the date of purchase.

    The travel date on the actual Pass must be chosen within 28 days from the date of the exchange, (i.e. a Customer has 28 days from exchange date to start using the Pass.)

  • 2. Eligibility

    The Taiwan Pass must be purchased outside Taiwan

    Travellers purchase an 'exchange order' (voucher) from a travel agent overseas, and exchange it for the actual rail pass on arrival in Taiwan.
    The Taiwan Pass is only available to foreign visitors on a tourist visa (not Taiwanese or foreigners with work/resident visas).

  • 3. Eligibility for Saver

  • 4. Discount

    The Child discount is 50% of the Adult rate.

  • 5. Validity

    Passes range

    • Flexible 2 Days, within one week validity - Unlimited travel on THSR services only
    • Consecutive 3 Days - Unlimited travel on THSR services only
    • Consecutive 5 Days, Joint Pass, Standard - 2 days unlimited travel on THSR + 3 days non-reserved Chu-Kuang class or lower
    • Consecutive 5 Days, Joint Pass, Express - 2 days unlimited travel on THSR + 3 days reserved Tze-Chiang class or lower

    Child age is between 6 and 11 years old (included).

    The Child discount is 50% of the Adult rate.

  • 6. Terms and Conditions

    Exchange voucher

    ·  We will issue an Exchange Voucher, and will be sent to the customer via email

    ·  The Exchange Voucher will need to be exchanged for the actual pass in Taiwan; vouchers can be exchanged at any station ticketing window (i.e. Taipei)

    ·  The Exchange Voucher for a THSR Pass can not be used for boarding, unless exchanged into a Pass

    ·  The Exchange Voucher for a THSR Pass must be exchanged within the validity period, which is 90 days from issuing date.

    ·  Exchange Voucher and original passport must be presented when making the exchange; if the original passport cannot be presented, or if the passport identity is different to that of the Exchange Voucher, THSR reserve the right to refuse the exchange.

    ·  When making the exchange, the first day of validity of the Pass must be specified, and cannot be changed afterwards.

    ·  The first day of validity can be any specified day within 28 days from the exchange date.

    ·  Should the Exchange Voucher be lost, damaged or stolen, it is not possible to be re-issued and no refund will be considered.

    ·  If the Exchange Voucher is unused, i.e. not exchanged for the actual travel Pass, a refund may be granted via the original ticketing agent if Exchange Voucher was not exchanged into the actual Pass; railways’ fee will be charged, based on the time of the refund.

    ·  Once the Exchange Voucher has been exchanged for a THSR Pass, a refund is no longer possible

    Taiwan Pass

    ·  The Taiwan Rail Pass can only be used by the individual owner and is not transferable

    ·  The Taiwan Rail Pass is limited to use within the validity period. The passenger is permitted to take the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) trains for an unlimited number of times during the validity period. A joint pass can be used for 2 days on THSR (high speed services) plus 3 days on conventional trains/services

    ·  When travelling with the Taiwan Rail Pass, the passenger is limited to enter and exit the stations via the manned gates; please take the original copy of the passport for verification purposes. If the passport cannot be presented, or the identity on the Taiwan Rail Pass does not match the passport, the passenger will not be allowed to board the train; those who have already boarded the train will be asked to purchase another ticket

    ·  The Taiwan Rail Pass cannot be refunded under any circumstances

    ·  Only the original copy of the Taiwan Rail Pass is valid for travel; any photocopying, alteration, forging or damage will render the pass invalid

    THSR onboard services

    ·  THSR trains have 12 coaches including 1 business class coach (66 seats, including free hot coffee, juice, hot tea, and bottled water) and 11 standard class coaches (923 seats).

    ·  A and E numbered seats are always window seats.

    ·  Breastfeeding room is located in Coach 5. Please contact train crew prior to use.

    ·  All seats are 180 degree adjustable/swivel to facilitate passengers travelling together.

    ·  Food trolley service is available in all coaches.

    ·  Each seat is equipped with a fold-down tray table.

    ·  There are no facilities to provide hot or cold drinking water without purchasing it on THSR trains. Passengers should use the automatic vending machines, located in Coaches 1, 5 and 11.

    ·  Smoking is not permitted on the train.

    ·  Unreserved seats are always in coaches 10 - 12 on every train.