Eurail Four Country Select Pass

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This pass is great because...

  • You can customise your pass by selecting 4 bordering countries
  • There are discounted youth prices available for anyone under 28 years old
  • It includes unlimited train travel within the validity of your chosen pass and the freedom to hop-on/hop-off trains

Experience the adventure of train travel

Eurail Four Country Select Pass Eurail Four Country Select Pass

This pass allows train travel in 4 bordering European countries.

You can travel with Eurostar with:

All Eurail Global passes

  • Eurail 3-country Select Passes and 4-country Select Passes, depending on country/countries covered: :
    • Route UK-Belgium: Pass needs to be valid in Benelux
    • Route UK-France: Pass needs to be valid in France Please click here to view a full map of the Eurail network. 
    • This will help you to select your 3 bordering countries.

    Please click here to view a full map of the Eurail network. This will help you to select your four bordering countries.

    Select Pass Information
    You are free to choose the country in which you start. You can even travel back and forth between the countries.

    Customise your pass for the countries you want to see - as long as they border each other, either by rail or ferry.

    You are not allowed to travel through a country where your pass is not valid, even if you don't stop there. If you do so, you will need to buy a separate ticket that covers the portion of your journey through that country.

    Trains between Germany and Sweden often go through Denmark. If your pass is not valid there, you should buy a separate ticket for the part in Denmark. You can also get a discounted fare on the Berlin Night Express or a discounted ferry from Finnlines between Travemünde and Malmö to avoid the Denmark charges.

    When Greece AND Italy are chosen, the ferry crossings between Greece and Italy operated by Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries and Minoan Linesare covered by your pass.

    When Finland AND Sweden are selected, the ferry crossing from Stockholm to Turku and Helsinki by Viking Line is included & discounted by 50%.

    BeNeLux is three countries in one: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    Benelux and Ireland are considered to be bordering, though they have no direct rail or ferry link.

    Finland and Norway are not considered to be bordering.