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Ottawa Montréal

Ottawa to Montréal - Travel between Ottawa and Montréal by rail

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You flip your laptop open and log in to your Wi-Fi account, eager to have some uninterrupted work time on the train. E-mail to answer, research to conduct for your next report, your favourite blogs to catch up on.

You slip on your earphones and find some great tunes to set the mood. Here comes the attendant with the refreshment cart... Maybe you'll do a quick Sudoku first while you enjoy a coffee!

An affordable, convenient travel choice!
Avoid traffic stress and weather woes! Take the Ottawa-Montréal train instead for all your travels between our national capital and the gem of French Canada.

Choose the relaxing ambience and attentive service of budget travel in Economy class, or opt for the added convenience of priority boarding, a delicious meal and beverages included in the price of your Business class ticket.

For more information or to book this or any other journey please do not hesitate to contact us.

Image courtesy of Via Rail Canada

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