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German Rail Pass "Sit and Save" Promo (USD)

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  • 1. Description

    25% off  the usual cost of a German Rail Pass with this Fantastic Promotional Offer - available for a limited period only!

    Do you know the trains you want to travel on already? Have you got a favourite seat? The Sit'n'Save offer is perfect for you! This summer you pay for the seat you sit in. Over summer our high-speed ICE trains are in popular demand and therefore can be overbooked and crowded. The Sit'n'Save ticket requires you to make a reservation in order to ensure that you enjoy your journey to the fullest. The Sit'n'Save ticket can still be used on all other DB Bahn operated product's without making a reservation.

    Promo Available:
    Sales period:15 June – 30 September 2014
    Travel period:1 July – 31 October 2014
    (if you are travelling outside of these dates this part will not be valid)

    Please note: Reservations are mandatory on all ICE, IC, EC, RJ, TGV, CNL, DEN and D trains and on IC bus services on routes in Germany

    The German Rail Pass offers international visitors unlimited rail travel throughout Germany on trains operated by DB and other private train operating companies. When purchasing a German Rail Pass you must provide proof of:-Country of residence

    -Date of birth if buying a German Rail Youth pass
    -Date of birth if buying a German Rail Pass with child reduction
    -The arrival in Europe not being longer than 6 months prior to the purchase when buying a pass at a DB Aid Office. The date of arrival marked in the passport is decisive.
    - If the purchase is being made by another person or on the Internet, the passenger must be able to provide proof of the accuracy of this information when a DB conductors inspects tickets.

    If a reservation is not made or you cannot show proof of your reservation when the ticket is checked, the pass is considered invalid and you will be fined accordingly.

  • 2. Eligibility

    This offer only applies for people with permanent residence outside Europe, Turkey and the Russian Federation. If you are European and live outside Europe you must have left more than 6 months ago (the stamp in your passport is decisive).

  • 3. Eligibility for Saver


  • 4. Discount

    The German Rail Pass exempts the holder from paying a surcharge on German high speed and quality day trains such as ICE*, IC or EC. Pass holders have free access to these trains, reservations are however recommended during peak travel times.

    * Exception: ICE Sprinter trains with compulsory reservation and supplement for special on-board service.

  • 5. Validity

    The German Rail Passes are "flexi" passes which entitle the holder to a specified number of days of travel within a period of 1 month.

    German Rail Passes also entitle the holder to free travel or price reductions on the lines of our bonus partners in Germany. Passholders may benefit from bonuses during the validity period of the pass once the pass has been validated.

  • 6. Terms and Conditions

    Validation of Passes
    The holder chooses the day on which the validity of the pass will begin. This date together with the last date of validity, can be entered on the pass by the Issuing Office already when the pass is issued. Alternatively, the pass holder has to present the unvalidated pass at a DB ticket  window for validation by DB staff before the first train ride.

    An inspector on international trains may also validate a pass when the holder of the German Rail Pass arrives in Germany in a train from abroad. In that case, the starting date for validity to be shown on the pass is the date on which it is inspected. The passenger is not allowed to validate his/her pass by him/herself.

    In the following, a "validated pass", is understood to be a pass showing:
    - the first and last day of the validity period,
    - the number of the passport (or travel document substituting a passport)

    The pass must be validated in blue or black ink using a fountain or ballpoint pen. The passenger may not begin his/her first journey before 00:00h (0:00am) on the first day  of validity of his pass. The last journey must end at the latest at 24h00h (12:00pm) of the  last day of validity of the pass. The date and time taken into account are those stated in the  official timetables for arrival at the destination station.

    A passenger who has not entered the date of travel in the box provided on the calendar on his/her pass before beginning is/her journey may be liable for a fine or asked to leave the train.

    Using the Pass

    The German Rail Pass entitles the holder to travel throughout Germany on trains operated by DB and other private train operating companies. Check on the website for the validity of the German Rail Pass on the lines of private carriers.

    All German Rail Passes, with the exception of the "Youth" offer (see Article 4) may be issued for travelling in 1st or 2nd class. A pass issued for 1st class allows free travel also in 2nd class.

    All German Rail Passes and Twin Passes issued for 2nd class and the Youth Passes are valid for travel in 2nd class only. If a holder wants to travel in a higher class, he/she must pay the difference between the price of a 1st class ticket and that of a 2nd class ticket at the full fare for the journey concerned before the trip starts.

    Holders of German Rail Passes may choose the days of travel at their own convenience. The passholder must enter the date of each travel day on the pass before boarding the first train of that day. This date must be entered by the traveller in inerasable blue or black ink or with an inerasable blue or black ballpoint pen in the corresponding box on the calendar.

    Dates must be inserted in sequential order in the following manner, for example: May 27 = 27/05. Passholders can travel from midnight until midnight on the selected day. If the trip starts on board a direct overnight train departing after 19:00h (7:00pm), the next day's date must be  entered; travel between 19:00h (7:00pm) and 24:00h (12:00pm) on the day of departure is  then included.

    However travel can never begin before 00:00h (0:00am) on the first day of  validity and must be completed at the latest by 24:00h (12:00pm) on the last day of validity.

    Use of high speed and quality trains / Excluded trains The German Rail Pass exempts the holder from paying a surcharge on German high speed and quality day trains such as ICE*, IC or EC. Pass holders have free access to these trains, reservations are however recommended during peak travel times.

    *) Exception: ICE Sprinter trains with compulsory reservation and supplement for special on-board service.

    The German Rail Pass offer is not valid on DB Autozug (Car carrying trains), chartered trains, private steam trains, narrow-gauge railways and museum railways.

    Payment of additional charges

    The holder must pay other charges and supplements, in particular, those levied for:

    seat reservations (sometimes including services routinely offered and/or  compulsory) the use of overnight accommodation, i.e. City Night Line trains (sleeperettes, couchettes, berths), other services offered on board trains (meals, beverages, etc.). With regard to the transport of luggage, holders of a German Rail Pass are subject to the same conditions as holders of ordinary tickets.

    DB Lounges

    German Rail Pass holders do not have access to DB Lounges.



    All requests for refunds for passes must be made in writing by the pass holder. This request, accompanied by the pass in its cover, must be submitted, either by the holder him/herself, or by the retail agency or sales outlet, to the Issuing Office stated on the front of the pass, within a period of one year from the date of issue. No request can be accepted after this period. When a request for a refund is agreed, the sum refunded is 15 % less than the cost of the pass.

    Unused passes

    The Issuing Office is authorised to reply directly to these requests under the following terms:

    Passes showing dates of validity;

    If the pass is presented before the starting date of its period of validity, the refund is granted.

    If the pass is presented during or after its period of validity, the refund is granted if it has been rendered NOT USED before the first day of validity by a DB official or a DB station  ticket counter or service point. This is done by drawing two diagonal crossing lines across the front of the pass and writing on it "Nicht benutzt  - Not used", signing it and datestamping it.

    Partially used passes
    Any pass is considered to be partly used when the holder requests its cancellation after the first day of validity. In principle, the passenger has no claim to any refund. However, the Sales Agent may contact DB for a partial refund, if the pass could not be used completely for compelling reasons (e.g. death of the traveller, serious illness of the traveller or accident). The client must present the application with all necessary proof e.g. death certificate, medical certificate, proof of repatriation or advanced return flight. These cases have to be submitted to the following address of DB, always together with the original pass:

    International Rail Ltd
    PO Box 153
    SO24 4AQ

    Partial refund for a German Rail Twin Pass:

    If one of the two persons listed on a German Rail Twin Pass decides not to travel prior to the validation of the pass, the Issuing Office has to issue a new individual pass. If the application is submitted too soon before the departure to Europe the travel agent has to cross out on the pass or on the control voucher the name of the person who will not travel, sign and stamp the date.

    Upon return, an application for refund for the person who did not travel must be submitted within one year from the date of issue to the Issuing Office, which sends the request to the above mentioned address in order to obtain a partial refund. The same procedure is adopted by a DB Aid Office if the change occurs in Germany.

    Passes not used / partly used due to 'force majeure' (e.g. strike or natural disaster):

    A traveller who could not (or only partly) use his/her German Rail Pass due to a rail strike or natural disaster in Germany ('force majeure') must submit an application for refund to the Issuing Office. The Issuing Office sends the request to the above mentioned address of DB, submitting all necessary information and/or documents. DB will investigate the validity of the claim and, in the case of a positive result, grant a partial refund to the traveller.

    Calculating the refund

    DB will calculate the amount to be refunded according to the number of days of the validity used.

    Passes lost or stolen

    No refunds are made for lost or stolen German Rail Passes. The same applies to tickets of any sort purchased to replace lost or stolen passes.

    Travel in a lower class

    The passenger has no claim to any refund for travelling in a lower class.

    Other situations
    In situations not accounted for in the terms above the Issuing Office must submit the application to DB for decision.