On Track Protection

STA Travel's lost or stolen rail pass protection program

On Track Protection entitles you to a refund on the unused portion of the rail pass if lost or stolen while traveling in Europe.*

To make a claim:
1. Report loss or theft to the local police in Europe and obtain a police report within 24 hours.
2. To continue traveling you will need to purchase point or point tickets equivalent to the travel distance/days originally purchased on the pass. Keep all your receipts.
3.Within 30 days of returning home, mail in the following documents to the STA Travel address below:

a. Official police report
b. Receipts for the replacement point to point tickets or pass
c. Notarized written report of the circumstances of the loss or theft

For example if you lose the $300 5 day rail pass after traveling 3 days on the pass and you still need to travel from Paris to Madrid and Madrid to Rome to complete your planned journey. STA Travel will refund 2 days of your pass - one for each day you purchased a point to point ticket. The refund in this case is $120 or $300 divided by 5 days multiplied by 2.

Apply this formula only if the point to point tickets are more expensive than refunding the unused portion of the rail pass.

*STA Travel will refund the cost of the point to point tickets or the cost of the unused portion of the original rail pass whichever is lower.

STA Travel, On Track Protection, 585 N Juniper Dr., Suite 250, Chandler, AZ 85226