A Eurail pass is a comprehensive European train ticket for residents outside of Europe.

There as many varieties of Eurail pass as you can shake a backpack at, from a Eurail One Country Pass up to the big daddy Eurail Global Pass covering 24 countries.

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Over the years, this trusty little number has been used by 14 million travelers looking for their very own big adventure across the European continent. Trains in Europe are reliable, comfortable and fast, and whizz you across borders with the minimum of fuss. It can get pretty pricey to book individual train journeys in Europe, so organizing a Eurail pass before you go will make your vacation even cheaper. If you're under 26 years old, or if you travel with friends, it's cheaper still!

The best way to start is to work out a rough plan of how many countries and cities you'd like to visit, in the time you have available, and then choose the pass that's right for you. You can ride as many trains as you like on any given day, enjoy free or discounted ferry travel to get you across the bits where the train doesn't go, and change your plans as the mood takes you.